Today marks my first month of working! Although it isn't technically a full month of working since I was away in BKK and camp. I look forward to being able to take leave and go back to traveling again.
Cannot wait for the weekend to arrive. Finally a weekend where I have no duties/nothing planned except for a catch-up Sat lunch. Feels good! (: I haven't had the luxury of time to sit down and have a lazy lunch.

Some Insta-collages of family, friends, and food (what else right hahaha)


Looking at these pictures, I think its time I went for a haircut. It's been 6 months since I got a trim and my hair looks terrible :X
Its just that, haircuts are just so...time consuming HAHA.

Oh baby!

With a baby that does not look too pleased about being carried :"(
It's been 5 months but it feels like forever since I was in Cambodia.
I hope and pray that I can take leave for the July trip!

So I havent been consistent with updating this space. But the in between has seen me experiencing many things, and people - all of which are blessings (:

With a grateful heart,

Always very grateful to have found my way into Holland Cell. I guess it was expected since we're mostly all around the same age, but I always feel so at home with these friends of mine.
Whether it be during celltime, at our random outings/supper explorations, or at church events. They've been one of the constants in my life since I became a young adult and their sharing or testimonies have encouraged me on in my own walk with God.
At dinner that day, we were commenting on how we are all so diversely different as individuals and Cass pointed out that the common denominator is God. Indeed it is!

On another note, Iron Man 3 was gooooood! I love the wit and humour injected into the movie. Chunky monkey HAHA. Can't wait for Avengers 2!

Sunny yellow banana day


<3 <3
My trip to Adelaide was an awesomepossum (sadly I didnt get to see any possums :( Kyen didnt wanna wait til dark for them to come out) break from the routine.
One thing I like about growing up - driving!
We basically didnt take any public transport the entire time we were in Adl/Melb ^^


At last! The weekend has arrived :D :D
Trying hard to 'be all there' (Jim Elliot quote) is difficult when the weekend promises fun things.


Can barely wait for this week to be done! Decided on a whim to fly to Adelaide for Kenneth's graduation. Thanks to my parents who gave me the ticket as a birthday present (: Although I'm not a fan of Adelaide (having visited it 2 years ago with Leps and Shaun), I just need a break from Singapore's humidity and generally not-very-pretty skies.

Aforementioned pretty skies (:

So while I was digging up an old photo of the skies, I started looking through the rest of the album which made me laugh.
This is a picture of Shaun throwing rocks at a sign. HAHA like what on earth goes on in that boy's head. Evidence of a vandal.

Adelaide 2011
We were pretty bored waiting for Kenneth to be done with his classes so we drove around the campus aimlessly and stopped to play on the empty road. Cos that's what bored people do.
It was one of the memories I remember vividly from that trip!

Who wants to buy me a scratch map?

Prismatic Colors

Takeo 2012 Group Photo

Never got down to penning down my thoughts about the Takeo mission trip..and this isn't going to be the day either HAHA.
This was the day we set off for the village and in a strange coincidence, everyone was dressed in a spectrum of colors!

This is one of those experiences that has shown me what I can do with HIm by my side. I'm extremely thankful for the friendships forged/deepened in this trip as well. The prolonged time spent together, and things that needed cooperation really allowed for us to get to know each other better. Even though we might be in the same church, and attend the same events, I haven't really made an effort to get to know them. I guess its another lesson learnt, in that, we don't just live in our own cell groups/cliques but in the wider community of the church (:


I've known these amazing girls since Primary 1 thru dance. We never really got that close til Sec 1 or 2, and came up with the name '7s' cos there are 7 of us (100 points for creativity hahah). Although there were times we didnt meet up as much as we would liked or didnt talk as much as the past, when we are together its always a comfortable ease at which we pick up from where we left off (: Its the memories that tie, and the idea of new memories that we'll experience together.

We're all very different individuals that have the same crazy mannerisms (in varying degrees), the willingness to accommodate and to listen, the humility to ask for prayer, the desire to edify and encourage one another, and the knowledge that we are precious daughters of our King.

The 7s reunited
Credits to Mandapanda


We get a little crazy
Tonnes of thanks to Julian for taking these for us :D

Finally, Amanda came back from Australia and Sara came back from Brussels to visit, and we were a complete 7 again <3
I'm always proud of my beautiful friends who have accomplished so much, carry with them aspirations and dreams, and still remain sensibly down to earth.
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Uku who?


I confess, I have not touched my ukulele ever since Christmas.
It was an on-the-fly decision to get one after Mel got her's. Then Joyce and I hopped on, Cheryl already had one, and we bullied persuaded Leps to get one too. Sadly, Cass was overseas while we had this mini performance.
We met almost every Sat morning to practice and fool around (:
I've tried piano, the guitar, drums, and gave up on all of them. I lack the perseverance to practice diligently and am not too musical :X
But a ukulele's manageable! Plus, its cute, easy to carry around, my fingers are finally able to reach most chords, anddddd mine has a pretty glittery sheen.

Can't wait til April arrives, when we can pick things up from where we left them and learn more things!